What does it mean to you?

  • If you are under 21 and living in Victoria we want to know, in three minutes or less, what your thoughts are about sustainability?
  • Are you up for the challenge?
  • There are over $8000 in prizes to be won including cash and computers so start thinking about what sustainability means to you.
  • Be a part of the movement and have your voice heard.
  • So form a crew, grab a camera and get creative. Your time starts now.



Dates for the three projects have been revised to accommodate the Final Cut Pro workshops, Camera and Lighting workshops.

The revised dates are listed on the updated briefs under the Link Category: Script Briefs_Damien on the left of the blog.

Brief 1: Montage

Brief 2: Animated Self-Portrait

Brief 3: Ripcurl Pro 30 sec TVC, Final Cut Pro edit

Celtx will now be used for all your script development and project pre-production.

To install in the Chisholm labs:
Open the storage folder and transfer the Celtx.dmg to the Student folder.
Double click on the Student Folder copy and follow the prompts to install.

To install on your PC:
Go to the Celtx website and follow the download instructions for Mac or PC.

Hi Guys,

Here a are a few examples of other Terry Gilliam style animations. The style is surreal cutout animation if you want to look for other examples.

“Stay In My Memory” by Bim

“A New Beginning”

Guilherme Marcondes for British Gas

The Dissociatives: Young Man Old Man

Link to youtube

Terry Gilliam

Hi Guys, assignment three brief is uploaded, download it here.

This is a group assignment, and yes you need to use flash… This weeks tutorial will help with assignment three. Look for Tute09 in the storage drive under the mmmm folder -> ruben etc.

Hi Guys, two tutes this week, the first we have already covered. The second is new, i will cover it initially in class and then you will work through the lab today.

Tute/Lab 01 – This one is for shape tweening. If you are confident with this skip this tute.

Tute/Lab 02 – This is more advanced animation, do this today and finish it at home!

Assignment Two brief can be found here. There are three examples to choose from, one is an ecard (don’t worry you don’t need to the actionscript) the second is a competition, and the third is a straight flash style animation.

For Assignment One submission email me ruben.hopmans@chisholm.vic.edu.au

Hi everyone,

Your first animation assignment is due, make sure you submit it to me before the end of class today. 12 FPS, 250×250 pixels, 84 frames. See assignment brief for details on how to submit. Class finishes at 7pm so you have until this time. If you are submitting late, please submit to Robyn at reception downstairs, (she does not work on Fridays so submit it before then). Good luck.

Your first assignment – the review of The Spirit and the ACMI’s Setting the Scene is now due for posting on your blog…. feel free to add relevant images….